Friday, 8 May 2015


How is your debt repayment going?

Mine is getting there - this month I owe:-

CC1: £1,739.08
CC2: £6,381.25

TOTAL: £8,120.33

I have been able to pay off £202.77 this month and next month should be under £8,000. My credit cards are still on 0% interest. 

Going forward I will only be in receipt of maternity allowance. At only £139.58 it isn't a huge amount, especially when you have bills to pay but it isn't to be sniffed at and I am grateful for it. I can at least make my minimum repayments (which should be £85 for May). 

The plan for this month and for June is to Ebay what I can. We need the space and I need the money to put on my card. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


This month has been a more successful debt repayment story.As I am now working part-time I can't pay as much as I use to but this month I was able to pay off £187.39. My debt is now £8,323.10.

If I carried on paying £187.39 a month, and if I can keep switching my debt around to 0% interest rate cards, I could be debt free in, erm, around 44 months so nearly 4 years.......

I am hoping to clear my debt before then but as I am shortly going to be starting maternity leave it is unlikely that I can accelerate payments for the time being but I have a few ideas which hopefully will generate some money which I will share with you all if they pay off. 

I hope everyone had a nice Easter and that your debt repayment is going well. 

Does anyone have any ideas of generating income from home?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rising Energy Costs

Rising energy costs are a major cause of concern for most families living on two modest paychecks. At the same time, soaring temperatures are forcing more and more homeowners to invest in air conditioning systems that account for nearly 43 percent of the average household energy bill.  The good news is that minimizing your energy utilization is not as difficult as it seems to be. A few simple steps like buying the most energy efficient air conditioning unit and improving the insulation and sealing around your home can help you make huge savings on your cooling costs. 

The infographic below has more tips to help you maximize the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. 

Infographic created by Sovereign