Sunday, 13 July 2014

Missing In Action

I apologise to everyone who has recently left a comment on my blog, sent me an email or a tweet and for the delays in responding. 

I am currently suffering with repetitive strain injury in my right wrist due to all the typing I do all day at work and at then at home in the evening. At work it is not too much of a problem because I can dictate and my lovely secretary will type for me, but for my blog, it is more problematic. I need to limit typing as well as swiping on my ipad and mobile phone (swiping is particularly painful). It is therefore somewhat difficult for me at the moment to read blogs, review Twitter posts/comments, maintain the blog (technical updates are desperately required) and write new blog posts.

I'll be keeping an eye on my blog, Twitter and the personal finance world but I really need to limit typing and swiping for the time being so my blog may be a little quiet over the coming weeks. 

I've got one post to go up this week but otherwise, I am signing off sick for a few weeks, I think. We'll see how it goes......

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Debt Update

I am so pleased that June is over! Now don't get me wrong, it was an amazing month but it was a bloody expensive one! I had to attend 5 different birthday dos (2 on the same day), an engagement party plus go to the pub to watch football. It is fair to say that most of my money this month has gone on socialising. 

I was rather upset that England was knocked out of the World Cup so early but on the plus side, I won't be spending this month in the pub watching football (I know I could stay at home and watch the football but it really isn't the same). 

Despite my over the top socialising this month I am pleased with how my debt repayment has gone. My debt is now:-

Credit card 1 - £3,880.20
Credit card 2 - £5,011.74
Credit card 3 - £2,073.25 

Total: £10,965.19 

So £457.40 paid off.  

I am really pleased with this. It is under £11k and by the end of August I should be in single figures. 

This is a short and sweet post this month. How has your debt repayment gone?