Wednesday, 8 April 2015


This month has been a more successful debt repayment story.As I am now working part-time I can't pay as much as I use to but this month I was able to pay off £187.39. My debt is now £8,323.10.

If I carried on paying £187.39 a month, and if I can keep switching my debt around to 0% interest rate cards, I could be debt free in, erm, around 44 months so nearly 4 years.......

I am hoping to clear my debt before then but as I am shortly going to be starting maternity leave it is unlikely that I can accelerate payments for the time being but I have a few ideas which hopefully will generate some money which I will share with you all if they pay off. 

I hope everyone had a nice Easter and that your debt repayment is going well. 

Does anyone have any ideas of generating income from home?