Friday, 8 May 2015


How is your debt repayment going?

Mine is getting there - this month I owe:-

CC1: £1,739.08
CC2: £6,381.25

TOTAL: £8,120.33

I have been able to pay off £202.77 this month and next month should be under £8,000. My credit cards are still on 0% interest. 

Going forward I will only be in receipt of maternity allowance. At only £139.58 it isn't a huge amount, especially when you have bills to pay but it isn't to be sniffed at and I am grateful for it. I can at least make my minimum repayments (which should be £85 for May). 

The plan for this month and for June is to Ebay what I can. We need the space and I need the money to put on my card.