Monday, 21 September 2015

Debt and Life Update

Hello people - I'm back!! 

If you follow me you'll be aware that I had a baby this summer. To be honest I found pregnancy very draining and I just didn't have the energy to devote to my blog and it was sorely neglected. I have many ideas but no energy to write them - now I have no time with caring for the baby.

The baby is still under 3 months old and very time consuming. Today is the first time I have managed to get her to have a nap somewhere other than my arms or a moving pushchair. Small victory for me today so I thought I would take the opportunity to provide a debt update. 

My total debt is now £7701.33

I need to transfer the balance of one card this month. As I am no longer employed (my last job ended just before baby was born) it is not possible for me to open a new card with a zero balance transfer fee so I will take a hit this month. However, I am able to transfer to one of my existing credit cards where I will have a 0% period until December 2016. I will incur a fee though however it is better than the £94 interest I would have been charged. 

In terms of baby, I had a very long labour - it was hard work but luckily not horrific. The baby hasn't been too difficult to care for but as I breastfeed on demand it is impossible to have a routine or schedule in my life. She is a delight. 

I hope to blog more regularly now so please do check back. It may be more baby related these days but I will aim to do some non-baby posts too.