Frugal Home Decorating – Colourful Home Decor: Cheap but Colourful Interior Decorating Ideas

Homemade colourful cushion covers
Colourful Interior Decorating Ideas
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Many homeowners wish to update the look of their home without spending a lot of money. With a neutral palette as a background, a few colorful accessories and inexpensive but well placed items can refresh the interior appearance of a home seasonally, or as the mood strikes.

Cheap Interior Decorating – Accessorise in Colour on a Neutral Background

When designing the basics of a home’s interior, stick to a palette of mainly neutral colours in paint and home furniture. Having a neutral background allows homeowners to update the look of any room in your home with a few well-placed colour accessories.

Update a neutral coloured sofa with some bright pillows in whimsical prints or colours, or an inexpensive fleece throw. Coloured candles set in the centre of a table can instantly give a house a seasonal look, perfect for entertaining – try arranging a set of dark red pillar candles on a platter in the centre of the table for a Christmas party, for instance. A few inexpensive art prints, or even interesting fabrics, can add a punch of colour to neutral walls – try framing them in budget Ikea picture frames.

When entertaining, hosts can buy a cheap bouquet of flowers from Costco or their local supermarket, and separate the bouquet into several small posies to decorate the house. A small bouquet of flowers in the guest bathroom contributes to the serenity and comfort of the space, and livens up a drab bathroom.

Art prints Colour on a Neutral Background
Art prints Colour on a Neutral Background

Get Crafty – Homemade Colourful Home Decorating

Homeowners interested in updating the look of their home can make several budget home-decorating items with a minimum of effort and skill.

In the fall, pine cones set in a bowl or vase make a beautiful natural centrepiece for a table. For added colour, spray paint the pine cones in a bright or metallic color. In the summer, natural long grasses set in a vase bring the beautiful weather indoors. Some flowers such as hydrangeas dry remarkably well – just hang the cut flowers upside down until they dry out, and they will provide homeowners with months of colour.

For homeowners with some skill in sewing, making homemade colourful cushion covers is a good way to update the look of your home while saving money. Many things can be incorporated into a cushion – a patterned dishtowel, an old skirt with a lovely design, or a tote bag that has outlived its usefulness. Repurposing used items and remaking them in a new way is a fun and thrifty way to decorate a home.

Homemade colourful cushion covers
Homemade colourful cushion covers

Using Thrift-Store Finds for Interior Decorating

Beautiful and sometimes valuable items can sometimes be found at incredible prices at thrift stores and flea markets. Look for items with some curiosity value that can be set on a mantel or side table, and then discarded when the homeowner’s tastes change. Thrift stores can also be a good place to find items that can be painted, stained, or otherwise altered.

When looking for cheap ways to update your Interior Decorating, keep an eye out for the artistic beauty in everyday things. A beautiful home item is not necessarily found in big box furniture or decorating stores. People decorating a home should be alert for the unique and beautiful items they may find unexpectedly.

Colourful Home Decor
Colourful Home Decor

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